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Burocracy & Paperwork

Terretrusche would be pleased to help you organising your wedding, not only logistically but also bureaucratically, thus giving you assistance to gather all the necessary documents, since now to the day of your wedding.

You need to provide the following documents:

1 A SWORN STATEMENT made in front of an authority of the your National Embassy in Italy which states that you can marry. The embassy must attest your identity and citizenship. The signature of the ambassador must be authenticated by the cognizant Prefettura (prefecture), thus a revenue stamp of €uro 11,00 is needed. We can contact the embassy for you.

2. DOCUMENTS ISSUED BY THE COMPETENT AUTHORITIES IN YOUR COUNTRY which state that according to your national law you are free to marry (if you are divorced, you also need to state the date on which your previous marriage was annulled).

3. PERMISSION OF THE COMPETENT COURT: this is necessary if 300 days have not passed yet between the date of your divorce and the date of your new wedding.

At least the day before the wedding we have to arrange an appointment and go to the competent municipality office with an intepreter to state once again that nothing “interferes” with your marriage.

Villa Biancaluna - Lago Trasimeno

Villa Florens - Cortona

Villa dei Tramonti - Passignano sul Trasimeno