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Agriturismo, Casali e Appartamenti in Toscana e Umbria
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Ready to plan a rockin' reception? First step: Find the perfect site. Second step: Set the mood with food.
Your wedding reception will have the atmosphere you wish for it.
You may wish to celebrate your wedding in a particular style, with the fascination and the atmosphere of an old castle or an old villa, perfectly suitable for open banquets. A wedding reception in an Italian garden represents a memorable and romantic choice.
The choice goes from a classical lunch served at the table to a reception, a brunch, a cocktail, a dinner at night
All of this could be supported by a dancing feast, whether you like. Whatever the atmosphere may be a classical, a bucolic, an informal or an extremely elegant reception - everything will be studied in every single detail.

It is usually served by 12 am and 2 pm, and is especially suitable for official marriages celebrated late in the morning. It is always preceded by appetizers, starters, first and second courses, side dishes and, in the end, a wedding cake. Great variety of wines!
It is an abundant breakfast served at midday which substitutes the lunch. It is particular suitable for celebrations which take place early in the morning. It is an excellent solution when you don't want to oblige the guests to a formal lunch. It is a quite cheap reception because it has not many courses. Coffee, tea, fruit juices, soft cocktails go with brioches and salads, crepes, marmalades, cakes, and canapés.

It usually begins at 4 pm and ends before 7, 30 pm. You usually have soft alcoholic aperitifs, suitable for the afternoon, and light savouries with small pieces of special bread and hot and cool sauces, fresh cheeses and raw vegetables, to be accompanied by alcoholic drinks and wines.

Usually served by 7 pm and 9 pm, the dinner is that kind of meal which gives the opportunity of preparing a very elegant reception or a real “wedding party”! After dinner, a dancing party which will last all night!

The choice of the menu depends on the time and season you have chosen and especially to your tastes! Have a look at our menu suggestions! All our dishes are prepared by a professional cook who uses only genuine local produce!
Ceremony musicians? Reception band or DJ? From your first dance to your last, we'll walk you through the music.

Villa La Colognola - Lago Trasimeno

Villa dei Tramonti - Passignano sul Trasimeno

Villa Florens - Cortona